Berlin, 20th June, 2012

Ashoka and Zahnräder are now official partners for change. The social incubator Zahnräder will mainly be using Ashoka’s in order to improve the support of its’ projects but also to build and launch the official online hub for its own network innovators. Changeshop is a multifunctional, collaborative and digital community space which offers products, tools and services for changemakers to help them turn their ideas, visions and dreams into reality. While Ashoka Changemakers paves the way for new community spaces that are committed towards social change, an impact on the dynamic marketplace with its individual offers and needs becomes more obvious.

Ali Aslan Gümüsay, Zahnräder Chairman, describes the aim of this partnership: “Through this partnership, we hope to provide a professional platform for Muslims with their diverse and invaluable projects which shape society; a place for sustainable change and social innovation where members can learn from each other, encourage each other, connect, seek funding opportunities and market their projects to the world.”

Zahnräder will employ Changeshop(s), particularly for the nation-wide conference as well as the local ZahnräderX conferences. Projects will be able to use the platform for their application as well as their presentation. They will be supported before, during and after the conferences through Changeshop products and services. Through Changeshop, Ashoka Changemakers and Zahnräder can work together and offer an extensive assistance and support so that words turn into actions and strength into movement.


Zahnräder is a social incubator for social entrepreneurship for Muslims with a focus on Germany. Ashoka Changemaker’s is a global organization which supports over 2000 social entrepreneurs in more than 70 countries and is based on a community of action that connects social entrepreneurs to share ideas, inspire, and mentor each other. Through its online collaborative competitions and Open Growth platform, is one of the world’s most robust spaces for launching, discussing, and funding ideas to solve the world’s most pressing social problems. Interestingly enough, one of its unique character traits is the firm belief that we all have the ability to be a Changemaker.

The Zahnräder Changeshop Community Space is currently under construction and will be available here shortly.

Contact information
Contact person: Kübra Gümüsay

The Act for Impact Award- Final Voting for Zahnräder now!

As you have surely noticed on Facebook and Twitter, Zahnräder is currently participating in the competition for the Act of Impact Award and asking for your vote! We made it to the final round thanks to your help! The final round will take place between 20th and 25th of June, 2012 at 4 pm. The team with the most votes will win 10,000 Euros! We are looking forward to your support! Vote for us with only one click: