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A gear can transform energy into movement – following this motto for now more than two years, we have given many projects a platform to kick off successfully. Many active and talented Muslims have met at our conferences, have exchanged visions and developed new projects and ideas together. Our goal is to bring people with different skills, ideas and capacities together, enable active knowledge transfer and to promote social entrepreneurship and participation in Germany. To achieve this goal, our team is growing rapidly, as many more do not only want to watch, but actively engage and shape the world we live in.

It is especially motivating for us to see the success of the projects that have participated or emerged at our annual conferences. Some have won prize money to finalize their ideas, some are still in the growth stage and others have already established themselves as a wide and influential project.

A selection of these projects include:

  • Cube Mag – a Muslim Youth Magazine (3rd prize, 2010)
  • Hima e.V. – an Islamic environmental association
  • I-Slam – Poetry Slam (1st prize, 2011)
  • – Online video-journalism in Germany (1st prize, 2010)
  • Sira – an Audiobook of the Life of the Prophet (2nd prize, 2010)

StudyCoach – Student counseling services for migrants („Impulseprojekt 2011“)

In order to continue our work, Zahnräder Network has applied for the „Act for Impact“ Award of the Vodafone Foundation and the Social Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA) and was successfully selected along with 35 other applicants for a public voting on Facebook. The winner will be awarded 10,000 €.

  • The first round of voting has started on June 13 at 2pm, for 7 days, until June 20 at 2 pm
  • The second (final) round begins on June 20 at 4pm until June 25 at 4pm, for 5 days (only the four teams with the most votes in the first round will be admitted and the voting starts anew.)

We would kindly ask you to support us during this very important campaign by voting for us on: and by sharing the link on your Facebook page, Twitter and website. Your support is essential for us to continue to „transform energy into movement“.

Yours sincerely,

The Zahnräder Team